Books Publishing

EdinBurg is a leader book publishing in the UK and globally. We currently operate in more than 70 countries covering 6 continents.  We have functional offices around the world. We are determined to meet the publishing needs of our clients from wherever they are. 

We have authorized agents operating at local offices for our clients’ convenience.

To publish with us, you need to submit a word and a pdf copy of your book. The word copy will be for peer review purposes. Publication fee is USD 300 can be paid as follows:


Select Type of publication

To submit a book for publication email

The process of peer reviewed publication is as follows:

  1. Send the draft document for our book peer review.
  2. Meanwhile, you will be asked to prepare a short summary of what the book is all about; this summary will be placed on the cover page.
  3. We shall also require you to provide a clear passport sized photo to be attached at the back cover together with a short bio.
  4. We shall share graphics that can be used for the front page and allocate an ISBN number accordingly.
  5. The preparation of front page and cover page will be undertaken simultaneously as the book is undergoing content and format review.
  6. After the book has been accepted for publication, you will be required to pay a publication fee of USD 300.
  7. The publication will be online. Hard copies will be printed and shipped on request and will need to be paid for.