Journal Publication

Publication fees

To publish in this journal, you will be required to Pay as follows: USD 100 which can be paid as follows


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Peer Review and Publishing Steps

A full double-blind refereeing process is used that comprises the following steps.

  1. A preliminary review for content and form is done by the Chief Editor, and a notification of the adequacy and acceptability is communicated to the author immediately. Papers are accepted or rejected at this point.
  2. Upon acceptance, the author is requested to pay the publication fee so that a formal acceptance letter is issued. Once the formal acceptance letter is issued, the paper is sent to 2 reviewers for review.
  3. The reviewers’ recommendations determine the extent of changes that are required.
  4. For papers which require changes, Internal editors will follow up to ensure that these are affected.
    Author/Corresponding Author will be notified about the possible date of publication
  5. Upon publication, the authors will be issued with links to their publication, a pdf copy of the publication and a publication certificate.
  6. Authors requiring hard-copy print of the issue in which their paper appears can make orders and this will be processed on demand.