Organizational Performance as an Outcome of Strategic Leadership in the Context of Selected Churches Affiliated with Evangelical Alliance of Kenya


  • Emmanuel Otieno Ouma Kenyatta University
  • Janet Muthimi Kenyatta University


Balanced organizational controls, strategy, strategic leadership, organizational performance


This study aimed to examine how strategic leadership affects the performance of churches affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) by establishing the relationship between balanced organizational controls as an aspect of strategic leadership and the performance of churches affiliated with the EAK in Nairobi City County. The research design that was considered entailed a mixed-method approach that utilized a descriptive survey research design to investigate a sample size of 153 participants to help with the study. Quantitative and qualitative data were gathered using semi-structured questionnaires administered by respondents, including leaders, pastors, administrators, and personnel in churches affiliated with EAK. A pilot study that involved 16 respondents from Agape Fellowship Church was considered to establish the reliability using the Cronbach alpha value of above 0.7 as the acceptable threshold. The study determined validity of the data collection instrument. Quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics techniques and presented in tables and figures, whereas qualitative data were analyzed through thematic analysis.  The findings of this study revealed a statistically significant positive correlation between organizational performance and balanced organizational controls. Regression analysis indicates that balanced organizational controls collectively explain 52.8 percent of the variance in organizational performance. The study concludes that strategic leadership significantly influences the performance of churches affiliated with EAK.  Therefore, drawing from the findings, recommendations have been fronted for strategic management to leverage this study's findings to comprehend balanced organizational controls, involving long-term focus, alignment of processes with goals, and continuous monitoring significantly contribute to improved performance in EAK-affiliated churches.

Author Biographies

Emmanuel Otieno Ouma , Kenyatta University

Strategic Management

Janet Muthimi, Kenyatta University

Strategic Management


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